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Summers and a team of design professionals have collaborated on award winning projects in both residential and commercial design. Project teams, guided by Summers, fulfill each client’s unique program ranging from interior design and interior architectural services to custom furniture design and art consultation.

Emily Summers

Emily Summers is a renowned interior designer and President/CEO of Emily Summers Design Associates. Beginning her career in 1979, she became known for her collaboration with architects and artists. A member of the AD 100, her work has also been featured in Veranda, Wallpaper, and Town & Country. She has won multiple awards, including the 2017 Dallas Paper City Design Awards and the 2020 Luxe Magazine RED Awards. Summers has served as Director of Exhibitions and Funding for the Dallas Museum of Art, and she was recruited by President George W. Bush as one of twenty individuals to serve on the Washington-based Advisory Council for Historic Preservation. In January 2019 her new book, “Emily Summers Distinctly Modern Interiors” was published by Rizzoli.

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