Golf Drive Residence

Dallas, TX

This art-filled house functions as a primary residence for a young family to live and entertain in. The house was designed by noted Dallas architect Enslie “Bud” Oglesby for his sister in 1979 and has had no other owners or major renovations since. With a focus on the preservation of Oglesby’s original design, updates were only made to the bathrooms, kitchen, and storage area to accommodate modern life.  The natural light and layout create an almost exterior experience in main areas of the home. Landscaping and finish transitions draw occupants from the entry down and back toward the creek, behind the house. Keeping with the home’s original minimal design, crisp, tonal whites were used for exterior/interior walls and bleached oak and natural limestone line the floors. h. Blues and greens from the creek inspired the living room’s color palette and the site-specific mural painted by artist John-Paul Philippe. The clients’ interest in collecting brutalist pieces informed the art, furniture & decorative elements.