Mountain Retreat

Aspen, CO

Across from the 175 acre North Star Nature Preserve, located just east of Aspen along the Roaring Fork River, a family’s vacation home project began shortly after purchase but before construction finished, allowing for critical changes to made to the interior envelope. The design objective was to elevate the framework of the building finishing it with high contrast materials that would add depth and character to the otherwise new construction. Ebonized oak floors were brought in and the walls were plastered in a soft, off white for a high contrast. Stone countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms were honed to provide a lived-in effect.

As the interior architecture was conceived, the décor came along with it. Fabrics with all-natural fibers (raw linen, leather, wool, cow hide) were selected to provide comfort in an otherwise sophisticated space. An understated and almost pattern-free palette was employed to not distract from the beautiful mountains outside. To integrate some regional references into the pared-down canvas, the antique, rough-hewn beams framing the ceilings were left untouched.  The fireplaces were reimagined and installed with dry-stacked limestone of varying modules.