Stretto Residence

Dallas, TX

In 1984, the award-winning architect Steven Holl was commissioned by a Dallas couple to create a jewel box for their books and art collection. It was named the Stretto House because of its architectural rhythms referencing music. Although the house was an icon of design, it stayed on the market for several years because it was specifically designed for the original client. It would take a special vision to repurpose the house for a family without changing a single piece of the original architecture – any alteration being sure to ignite the wrath of the architectural community across the country.

By hiring Dallas architect Max Levy, who originally worked with Holl on the project, we were able to connect a glass gallery to a new three-bedroom wing for the young family. Our goal was to maintain the original spirit and finishes of the Holl’s architecture and adapt the interior for the lifestyle of a modern young family.